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Customized Products

What are customized products?

1) Customized products are designed or created by customers.

If you have special ideas on design and want to make it a real product,just share your ideas with Sender asia.

2) customization differ your products from other competitors, ensure you win in the competitive market.

Any company needs a unique product or service, just cooperate with Sender Asia for this from now on.

3) Customers use images,logos, and colors to create their products.make those not only for promoting your own brands,but it can also ensure you are the winners in the market segments.

How to make my own customized products?

1) You should provide your product design drawing and related details information to Sender Asia,and dont worry that Sender Asia will copy your ideas.Sender Asia will evaluate your design,and make a quotation,BOM list,and more .

2) If you just want to print your own logo on the products that sender asia list on website,just share your logo information to Sender Asia,PDF or AI document any formats you can use.

3) Customize your own packages,that also is a great idea for promoting your brands and service,people like special things and nice package.

Customized products request a minimum order quantity?

yes,if you customized your own designed products,some time the minimum quantity reaches 5000 or more.

But if you just print your logo on the real products,minimum order quantity range is 200-2000.

Customized package,the minimum order quantity range is 2000-5000.

How long I can get my customized products?

the leading time is based up the products.

Print logo: 4-15 working days

customized package: 4-15 working days

customized design(ODM):60-180 working days.

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