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Drop Shipping FAQ

1) How to list Sender Asia products to my own online store ?

Login in your account and click "Drop Shipping ",Select the products you want to list by searching keywords or browsing catalogs, then select the products and batch add to drop shipping.

drop shipping

Go to "My Drop Shipping ",select the products you want to list, and click "Create CSV File " to download products information.

drop shipping


We suggest you ask us for shipping cost list template for your reference.

2) How to make a drop shipping order?

You should register on Sender Asia, and logo in your account.


You will find "Drop Shipping ", click it and select products to your Drop shipping List.

Sender Asia provides 2 ways to help you selecting products

a) By searching keywords.

b) By browsing catalogs.

drop shipping

Select the products what you want to drop ship, click "Batch add to Drop Shipping ", completed.

then go to "my Drop Shipping ", put into the item quantity, shipping method,and customer shipping information, click "save " bottom to save.

Continue to place your order, you finished your drop shipping order now.

drop shipping

3) How to pay my Drop Shipping Order ?

We provides 4 payment methods:


b) Western Union

c) Credit Card

d) Bank Transfer

Confirm your order and select the payment method you prefer to pay, then click "Place Your Order ",pay for your order.

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